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Changes for plugin "Photo Gallery v1.82" for Krpano

Version 1.82

1.Plugin works with krpano version 1.20.10.

Version 1.81

1. When displaying photos, the native tour interface is hidden.
2. When you turn on the video player or YouTube player, the audio player pauses.
3. The problem with "onmousewheel" is solved.

Version 1.8

1. The ability to add a video clip to the gallery and open youtube.

Версия 1.7

1. The ability to add a video clip to the gallery.

Version 1.6.

1. Changed the mechanism of loading and fitting photos, which allowed to increase productivity. Now there are no parameters for W_prop and H_prop.
2. When you open and paging the photos are shown no more than their true size, which increases the quality of displaying photos (if the photo is 100x100 pixels, it does not extend to the full screen).
3. The management interface has been changed - the button for expanding the thumbnail bar has been moved to the lower right corner, which allowed increasing the field under drop-down photos (especially important in mobile browsing).
4. A new "one_photo" function was added to display only one photo from the photo folder.
5. Added a new function "start_photo" to open the gallery from the specified photo.
6. A new "doubleclick_photo" function was added to select a single or double click on a photo to call an action.
7. Added protection against clicking at the time the gallery and photo were opened.
8. When you re-open the gallery, it opens with a closed earlier photo.
9. Fixed some bugs.


Version 1.5

1. The scale of photos with two fingers on mobile devices was added.
2. Now you can prescribe the action by clicking on the photos (open the link, open the document, the scene, etc.) you can prescribe the action in Setting_gallery.xml - "onclick_№" where № - photo number in this gallery.


Version 1.4

Made a change of photos with the mouse wheel, if the cursor is outside the photo and zooming if the cursor on the photo.


Version 1.3

Fixed the adjustment of the slider in the thumbnail container (it does not climb out of the height). The default gallery is configured. Fixed problems in the flash. Fixed a background error of the thumbnail container.