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Password plugin v1.0.

HTML5. krpano-1.20
Password plugin
  • Setting a password for an individual scene.
  • Setting a password for any actions.
  • Ability to create a different password for different actions.
  • The file with the panel appearance code is available for editing. You can customize the appearance and design of the password panel yourself.


Allow viewing of virtual tour or individual panoramas when entering a password. Create a virtual tour in the form of a quest, in which the user must search for the password and move on. Set a password, if necessary, to open photos, links, videos, and any other actions.


The plugin works from version krpano-1.20 and higher!
To connect the menu, place the "pin" folder in the root folder with the tour.

Write it down in the main xml :

<include url="pin/pin.xml" />
Blurring the background behind the password input panel is possible if you have the blur plugin enabled.

How to use.

enter_pin(password, action, close button, bg click - close);
  • password - password.
  • action - specify the action that will be performed if the password is entered correctly.
  • close button - show/hide the close button on the input panel. (true/false)
  • bg click - closing the input panel when you click on the background. (true/false)
You can assign this action to any other action or event.

For example - you need to click on the hotspot to make it transparent:

<hotspot name="hs1" ... 
	onclick="enter_pin(777, set(hotspot[hs1].alpha, 0.0), true, true);" /> 

Clicking on the hotspot will open the password entry panel. When you enter "777", the hotspot will become transparent.
You can not enter the password and just close the panel by clicking on the cross or clicking on the background.

Password to view the scene.
Example of connection in a scene:
<scene name="scene_1" ... onstart="scene_pin(777);" ... /> 

When you start the scene "scene_1", a panel for entering the password will appear. In this example, the password is " 777". The panel will not have a cross to close the panel and the panel will not close when you click on the background.
But the native thumbnail bar will be available and you will be able to move to another scene.


Password of the first scene - 1
The password of the second scene - 2

Advanced features.

To work in this section, you need knowledge of coding in krpano.
The file pin/pin2.xml contains a code that describes the properties of the pin input panel, background, actions called to open and close the pane.
You can create your own design by changing the layer parameters, adding your own actions, etc.

<pin_set placeholder="..."
	placeholder_incorrect="wrong password"
  • placeholderEnter the information that will be displayed in the default password entry line.
  • placeholder_incorrect - Enter the text that will be displayed in the line if the password is entered incorrectly.
  • text_Password button - Enter the text that will appear in the panel title.

data name="string_pin" - contains the pin code input string and its style.


  • pin_BG - full-screen background layer.
  • Cont_BG - password Entry panel.
  • text_enter_pin - title in the panel.
  • close_win_pin - the "Close" button".
  • input_pin - layer with a password entry string.
  • enterPinButt_pin - password entry button.
  • open_window_pin" - open the password entry panel.
  • close_window_pin" - close the password entry panel.
  • start_pin" - called when entering into a string.

Download the demo version.

You can download an example with a demo version of the plugin and test it. For your project, use the folder inside the example "pin". This is a fully working version, it differs only in the inscription on the top of the screen - "DEMO"

Download the demo version.

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