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Creating Floor Plans v2.21.

HTML5. krpano version 1.21 !


  • All work is done in a browser window and does not require writing or editing code.
  • Creating floor plans, arranging transition points for panoramas. Adding drawings, diagrams, images and placing points on them with transition to selected places on the tour.
  • Window settings (location, size, positioning, show/hide at startup).
  • Setting the window design with a plan (color, transparency, border, curves, shadows).
  • Enabling the compass in the plan window and viewing window (the ability to show/hide or disable the compass).
  • Selecting images of points before and after viewing the scene, adjusting their scale.
  • Pop-up text - appears when you hover over points.
  • Movement effect. When moving to the next scene, the direction of view and viewing angle are maintained.
  • The plan image is scaled relative to the cursor location on the plan (the place under the cursor does not shift to the side).
  • When moving to the next scene, the plan is automatically centered in the window relative to the spot of this scene.
  • The window with the plan moves across the screen, its size changes (if you drag the corner of the window).
  • When the navigation module is connected, automatic placement of arrows in the tour, selection and correction of the displayed arrows. Click forward navigation in the direction of the arrow.

Editing points with radars on the plan.

How to connect.

To connect the editor, place the folder "FloorPlan" in the folder with the tour and write in the tour.xml file:

    <include url="FloorPlan/xml/floorplan_SM.xml" />

Make sure that the tour plugins folder contains the files combobox.js, radar.js and showtext.xml!

Plugin activation.


Without activating the plugin, it will be fully functional, but the message “Demo version” will be displayed.
When purchasing a plugin, you need to send me the email that was specified when registering your krpano. It can be seen in "krpano Tools". After this, you will receive a link to download the plugin and key file by email - key_flpl.xml.

You just need to replace the file FloorPlan/xml/key_flpl.xml and the “Demo version” sign will disappear.

Let's create a plan.


Place the plan images in the FloorPlan/plan. folder

Add plan - To add a plan, click the "Add plan" button. A default plan image appears with the name plansm_№, where № is the serial number of the plan.
A drop-down list of names is created at the top of the window. Clicking on the triangle opens the list, clicking on a name from the list opens the corresponding plan.

Select an image - Click on the thumbnail with the image of the plan - an explorer window will open. Select image of the plan from the FloorPlan/plan folder and it will appear in the window with the plan

Open at startup - Green indicator - the plan window is open when the tour starts, gray indicator - the window is minimized.

Open at startup (mobile)- For mobile devices. Green indicator - the plan window is open when the tour starts, gray indicator - the window is returned.

Click on the plan - [br]Collapse/expand the plan - Green indicator - clicking on the plan collapses/expands the plan.

Start scene - Selecting the scene that will start when the plan is opened. Open the plan, launch the desired scene belonging to this plan. Click the "Start scene"button and the name of the current scene will appear next to it. The next time you open this plan, the selected scene will be launched.


Positioning - Set the plan's anchor point to the screen. Possible values: top left, left, bottom left, top, center, bottom, top right, right, bottom right. Default value: top right

Delete plan - Deletes the current plan.

Editor design - Opens an additional panel for editing the window design. More detailed information here.

Aligning panoramas.


In order for the radar on the plan to correctly show the direction of view and when navigating through the tour while maintaining the direction, you must first orient the center of the panoramas to the “north”. You can do this in advance:

  • When assembling panoramas.
  • In the native editor "krpano Tools"
If you have already done this, skip this section.
By default, the center of the panorama is the zero point (0 degrees horizontal) and is considered "north"
On plans and maps, north is at the top by default.
The default direction of the "radar" on the plan is up (to the north) and its value is 0 degrees, which corresponds to 0 degrees in the panorama (center of the panorama)

prealign - Enables alignment editing mode. A crosshair and horizontal angle indication appears.
Rotate the panorama so that the crosshairs point to the “north” in the panorama, click on the angle indication or spacebar, the Center of the panorama will be reassigned.
Look at the example on youtube .

It often happens that it is inconvenient to align to the north; it is at an angle to the walls. It is much more convenient to align perpendicular to walls, openings, etc. Choose an alignment direction that is convenient for you, such as perpendicular to the wall. Align all panoramas in this direction. Because now the zero point of the panoramas is not north, make a correction in the compass. comp Grab the compass strip at the top of the screen and move it until it aligns with the real north direction.
See example at youtube .

Creating points, setting up a compass and radar.

select Pre-place the point images in the FloorPlan/iconPoint
folder Scale radar - Click on the button and drag the mouse left/right to change the size of the radar.
Start - selecting a point image before viewing the scene. Clicking on the dot image thumbnail will open the explorer, select the image.
Viewed - selecting a point image after viewing the scene.
Active - image of the active point (with radar).

• Turn on the editing mode - the "Edit scene point" button turns red, intersecting red lines appear (for ease of positioning).

• Open a panorama, click on the plan in the place where this panorama is located. A radar dot will appear. By default, the radar will be directed to the north of the panorama (which was set in advance). Only one point can be created for each panorama..

radar • Buttons on the plan (only in plan point editing mode)

Size- click and drag left/right to change the size of the point. The changes will apply to all points on this plan.

Delete - delete a point.

heading radar- radar correction. Click and drag left/right to adjust the radar direction.
If the north on the plan is not at the top or the north was corrected when aligning the panoramas, then turn the radar in the north direction.

Show text- Pop-up text when you hover the mouse. By default, the text is taken from the title scene. You can enter your own name for each point.

We create points to display the selected views.


You can create icons (hereinafter referred to as dots) and assign them to open panoramas with a given magnification and viewing direction. Place them on plans, drawings, documents, diagrams that you can add to the plans window.

Edit view point - enable/disable point editing.
Clicking on the plan will create a point icon. It will automatically be assigned to the opening of the current view.

Selecting a point image:
  • start - selecting a point image before viewing the scene. Clicking on the point image thumbnail will open Explorer, select the image in the floorplan_SM/iconPoint folder.
  • viewed - selecting a point image after viewing the scene in the same folder.
If the editor is enabled Edit view point, then the image will be assigned to the active point. If the editor is disabled, the image will be assigned when creating a new point.

Show text - Enter text into the line. Show text on mouse hover.

Buttons on the plan:
Set view - Select the angle of the place in the panorama that you want to show, click on the button. The view will be saved at the point and will be opened when you click on it.
Scale - changes the scale of the point image. Press the button and move while pressed to the left (zoom out), to the right (zoom in).
Delete - delete a point.

Example on youtube . Points for opening selected places on the tour.
Example on youtube . Document, drawing with opening points of marked places on the tour.

    enabled - turning off the compass. The compass release button is removed and compass on floor plans
  • start open - the compass is deployed at start.
  • on plan - display of the compass in the window with the plan.

keep Creates a moving effect. When moving to the next scene, the direction is maintained view and viewing angle. No prior identical alignment of all panoramas during stitching.

Design customization.

Click on the "Editor design" button - the design settings panel will open.
skin The panel conventionally shows the plan window. Round buttons on the border to change parameters. Click on it and drag the mouse left/right.
If you click on the circle that is located on the corner, it will change the rounding of the corresponding corner of the plan window. Circle on side (border) - will change the thickness of the border to the corresponding side.
You can change the radii of all corners or the width of all borders at the same time.
Next to the round buttons there are windows - they display a numerical value. You can enter your parameter values. Shadov layer - Offset the window shadow.
blur - Blur the shadow.
Changing color and transparency Below are three windows that open the color palette for changing color and transparency:
fill - Color and transparency of the background of the window with the plan.
border - Color and transparency of the border.
shadov - Color and transparency of the shadow.
You can copy or paste RGB color or transparency
Example on youtube

Adjust dimensions and position.


At the bottom of the window, adjust the size and position of the plan window.
Plan name - The name of the current plan to which the changes will be applied.
starting size and position - Show the size and position of the plan at start.
x y - Starting values "x" "y" in pixels from the positioning point.
You can enter the value manually.
get current x and y - Move the window with the plan to the desired position with the mouse and click this button - the x y values will be set as the starting ones.

If you grab the corner of the plan window, you can resize it.
Width - Current width of the plan. You can enter it manually or set it by stretching the window with the mouse.
Height - Current height of the plan. Can be entered manually or set by stretching the window with the mouse, provided that "auto height" is not set
auto height - If active (Green indicator), the height will be set automatically depending on the set width, in proportion to the plan image.
W.mob - Window width on mobile devices.
H.mob - Window height on mobile devices (if "auto height" is not set)
set current W H - set the current size of the plan window for mobile devices. You can pre-set the size by pulling the window corner.

Keep current size - apply the set sizes as starting ones.
current plans/all plans - apply the set sizes as starting ones to the current plan (individually)/to all plans.

Navigation, auto arrows.


When updating the plugin, this feature is paid. When purchasing a plugin, it is included in the price.

Navigation works provided that all panoramas are aligned in the same direction (see prealign ) and all points are placed on the plans.
To navigate by arrows, simply click in an empty space in the direction of the arrow.

Navigation - if the indicator opposite the inscription is green, then navigation is enabled. Clicking on the indicator will switch to the opposite state.

Auto- Arrows in the tour are placed automatically for all panoramas located on the plan. There is no option to exclude or move arrows.

vid_2 Manual selection - Arrows are created automatically, but you can choose to display the desired arrows, and you can adjust the position of the arrow.
When this mode is activated, a red arrow indicator appears on the plan near each point.
Click on the indicator - it will turn green and an arrow will appear in the panorama.
You can adjust the position of the arrow by dragging it with the mouse.

Below are buttons for changing arrow options, which apply to all arrows.
To change a parameter, you need to click on the button and move the mouse (left/right).
You will immediately see the changes.
🡸 Scale 🡺 - Change the size of the arrows.
🡸 Height 🡺 - Vertical offset of the arrows.
🡸 Incline 🡺 - Tilt the arrow forward.

Print <\> - Copy the code of hotspots that are in the current panorama to the clipboard.
You can paste the copied code into the scene code and edit the parameters as you wish.

vid_2 The transition to another floor must be specified manually.
Press the transition to floor 🡺 button, a list of panoramas with miniatures (which are present on the plans) will appear. Select the panorama you want to go to from the list - an arrow will appear in the crosshairs. Adjust its position.
Remowe arrow - Remove the arrow for moving to another floor.

Save project.


Click the save button, in the drop-down window specify the path to save the file FloorPlan/setting_FP.xml
If your browser automatically saves to downloads, then manually replace the file in the FloorPlan/setting_FP.xml
folder with it. Restart your browser - the tour will be updated with the saved changes.

If backup "backup" is activated, the backup file is first saved with the save date in the file name.

Advanced settings.


shesterenka - Open the panel with advanced settings.

Customize the settings to your liking. Clicking the switch on the right will change the state.
On the top left is a language switch button (en/ru)

Setting panel for individual icons for a point - activates a floating panel for individual editing of a point.


1 - click will open the folder for selecting the icon of the unviewed panorama.
2 - click will open the folder for selecting the icon of the viewed panorama.
reset - setting icons to default .
3 - Disable/enable saving the view when switching to a panorama. When disabled, the panorama will load with a preset view.

Settings in the setting_FP.xml file.

When you finish working with the plan, you save all the settings in this file "setting_FP.xml". Some You can change the parameters in this file manually.

point_url_1 - Name of the image of a point on the plan (unviewed scene).
point_url_2 - Name of the image of the active point on the plan.
point_url_3 - Name of the image of a point on the plan (viewed scene).
pointv_url_1 - Name of the point image in the document (unviewed scene).
pointV_url_2 - Name of the point image in the document (viewed scene)
Icons should be located in the FloorPlan/iconPoint

folder radar_scale - Default radar scale.
lang - Default language in the advanced settings panel(en/ru).

Below are the styles and layers:
action name="prealignFLPL" - Action for aligning panoramas
textstyle name="showtext_1" - Style of pop-up text when hovering over points.
style name="arrow_navi_flpl" - Style of navigation arrows.
style name="pointflpl" - Style of points on the plan (with radar).
style name="pointflpl_v" - Style of points on the plan for opening views.
layer name="cont_fp_all" - The main container of the window with a layout for plans and buttons.
layer name="plan_cont_fp2" - container for layers with images of plans.

Styles in the file style_Flpl.xml..

Krpano knowledge required!

The file FloorPlan/xml/style_Flpl.xml contains the styles, layers and settings of some plugin elements, the showtext.xml and combobox.xml plugins are connected.
You can customize the button design, position in the plan window (expand to full screen, close, compass, +, -), configure the radar.
You can configure the parameters of the combo box with the list of plans, and move it outside the plan window.
Set up compass marks and signatures.
Configure auto navigation settings.

Download demo version.

Download the archive with the example and plugin. You can connect it to your tour and test it.
The demo version is fully working and differs from the full version by the presence of the inscription “DEMO version”.

Buy plugin.

Plugin cost 49 euros.

Pay for the plugin by transferring 49 euros to PayPal: and send me the email specified at registering your krpano.
You can send me your PayPal address and I will issue an invoice.
You can pay via Payoneer.
After payment, I will send the key file to your email, the inscription “demo version” will disappear.

Updating older plugins does not include the navigation module. The navigation module is paid, the cost is 10 euros.

If you have questions about payment or updating, write to me or in telegram Alexander.

If you have a PayPal account, send me the address, I will issue an invoice via PayPal.


Plugin is provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including any warranty of quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will author of plugin be liable for loss of data, costs of procurement of substitute goods or services or any special, consequential or incidental damages, under any cause of action and regardless of whether or not plugin author have been advised of possibility of such damage. This limitation will apply notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy provided herein. In any event plugin author will have no liability arising out of this agreement.