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Changes in plugin "Creating Floor Plans"


Version 2.21

  • When creating navigation arrows and moving to another floor by clicking on the arrow, previously created arrows were not created on the floor. Corrected.

Version 2.2

  • Added a panel with advanced settings, where you can disable/enable various options and change some project settings.
  • Added an input panel for individual icons for a point (before and after viewing the panorama), disabling keepview for an individual point. A panel appears at each point in edit mode if this option is enabled.
  • Added setting width/height for mobile devices
  • Added a switchable option - Hide the plan window if there is no open panorama on the plan, show the plan window if there is a current panorama on it.
  • Moved the action of creating compass marks to the file style_Flpl.xml (open source), you can customize it at your discretion.
  • Fixed the problem of entering color in the editor line.
  • combobox.xml - the list of plans was not fully expanded (cut off) - commented out line 440 sub(openheight, max_overflow);

Version 2.1

  • The plugin uses layers for plan images.
  • Setting the width and height, x y values of the plan window in the editor.
  • The height of the plan window is set automatically in proportion to the width of the plan
  • If there are several plans, you can set the window width for each plan individually.
  • The plan expands to the set width but not more than the width of the screen
  • You can visually change the radar scale and save changes for each plan.
  • Set the plan to close if the panorama is not on the plans, and show the plan if the current panorama is present on the plan.
  • Ability to display the drop-down list of plans separately and customize its design.
  • Ability to create your own buttons and assign them to open the desired plans.
The navigation module is a paid add-on for those who have already purchased the plugin. Included in the plugin for those who purchase the plugin:
  • Automatic placement of arrows at created points.
  • Manual selection of transition arrows.
  • Adjust the size, position height and inclination of the arrows.
  • Ability to correct the position of each arrow.
  • Navigation by clicking in the direction of the arrow.
  • Ability to visually change the radar scale and save changes for each plan.
  • Ability to replace the arrow image and customize your own style for the arrows.

Version 2.0

  • The plugin has been completely redesigned. A frame is used as a window with a plan, in which the image of the plan is loaded as a pano.
  • Now there is no pin code, but the plugin is tied to your krpano license (email)
  • Rewritten plugin description
  • Added the ability to pre-align panoramas in the plugin.
  • A simpler and more intuitive panel has been made for design editing.
  • The editor panel has changed slightly, but the creation and editing methods have changed.

Version 1.48

  • plan_settings.url_plan="%FIRSTXML%/floorplan_SM/plan/"- added the ability to change the path of the folder with plans.
  • In edit mode, points are now placed when clicking in the right place on the plan. With large volumes, work has become much more convenient and faster.
  • plan_settings.set_scene_names_to_skin - if enabled (true), then the names of the panoramas in the plugin are written in the title of the scenes. Then the signatures of thumbnails and hotspots of the native skin will be the same as in the plugin, there is no need to write them manually in tour.xml
  • If there is no panorama on the plans, then when you open it, there is no built-in movement setting. You can use the native KEEPVIEW.
  • At startup, the view was set incorrectly - fixed
  • When switching plans, moving the plan with the mouse was not limited - fixed
  • When navigating by points, the plan was not fixed by dimensions - fixed
  • Fixed minor bugs and slightly changed the interface.

Version 1.47

  • When switching plans, moving the plan with the mouse was not limited. Fixed .
  • When navigating by points in the plan, the plan could move beyond the window dimensions. Fixed

Version 1.46

  • When you change the plan, the plan fills the window and is centered to the point.
  • When placed on the right, the zoom works correctly.
  • Mixing is set when switching OPENBLEND (0.8, 0.0, 0.6, 0.3, easeOutQuad));
  • Fixed a problem with the point for turning the radar in edit mode.
  • Paths changed %CURRENTXML% на %VIEWER% - did not work correctly with the plugin "add hotspot".
  • When pre-creating several plans without placing points, the plans did not switch - fixed .
  • During the editing process, the hover caption display mode was disabled - fixed.

Version 1.45

  • Ability to disable the list of plans.
  • The ability to disable the button of the disclosure of the plan at full screen.
  • Ability to disable the corner to change the size of the plan.
  • Made a smooth transition between transitions in the plan.
  • Made a smoother transition between scenes.
  • When switching from one plan to another, the active plan moved outside the window - fixed.
  • When the zoom was positioned on the right, it did not work correctly - fixed.
  • When you re-open the plan, the plan is always inside the window that opens.
  • Changed the design of the full-screen disclosure button.

Version 1.44

  • Changed PIN code input method.

Version 1.43

  • Fixed bug when setting the first point.
  • In the downloaded archive, a folder with an example and a separate folder with a plugin.

Version 1.42

  • When you enter the PIN code, a blocking window appears with a warning about the restart of the tour.

Version 1.41

  • Fixed bug when creating the first point.
  • Fixed bug when positioning the window on the right.
  • Important! After saving, always reload the browser window!

Version 1.4

  • Now, when saving a project without a PIN code, the editor files are not loaded.
    Finished project loads faster, increased productivity.
  • When moving to a new scene, the point with the radar on the map moves smoothly.
  • The ability in the mobile version to set the window size for the plans in proportion to the height and width of the viewport (file param_EFR.xml - width_mobile and height_mobile).

Version 1.3

  • A panel has been added for creating and editing points that open specified views.

Version 1.2

  • Added button to change the active point.
  • Partially modified interface.
  • Created an individual drop-down list.
  • Changed the name of the folder with the plugin.
  • Changed the location of the folder with icons points.
  • Fixed some bugs and optimized code.

Version 1.1

  • Added a button to select the opening scene when switching between plans.
  • Added the button "collapse plan by clicking in the empty space of the screen" (yes/no).
  • Added the button "expand the plan when hovering the mouse over the button to open the plan" (yes/no).
  • Added the ability to select the icons of the image points before and after viewing the scene individually for each point.
  • Added the ability to zoom the icon for each point.
  • Fixed some bugs in the executing code.

Version 1.0