Changes in plugin "Creating Floor Plans"


Version 1.47

  • When switching plans, moving the plan with the mouse was not limited. Fixed .
  • When navigating by points in the plan, the plan could move beyond the window dimensions. Fixed

Version 1.46

  • When you change the plan, the plan fills the window and is centered to the point.
  • When placed on the right, the zoom works correctly.
  • Mixing is set when switching OPENBLEND (0.8, 0.0, 0.6, 0.3, easeOutQuad));
  • Fixed a problem with the point for turning the radar in edit mode.
  • Paths changed %CURRENTXML% на %VIEWER% - did not work correctly with the plugin "add hotspot".
  • When pre-creating several plans without placing points, the plans did not switch - fixed .
  • During the editing process, the hover caption display mode was disabled - fixed.

Version 1.45

  • Ability to disable the list of plans.
  • The ability to disable the button of the disclosure of the plan at full screen.
  • Ability to disable the corner to change the size of the plan.
  • Made a smooth transition between transitions in the plan.
  • Made a smoother transition between scenes.
  • When switching from one plan to another, the active plan moved outside the window - fixed.
  • When the zoom was positioned on the right, it did not work correctly - fixed.
  • When you re-open the plan, the plan is always inside the window that opens.
  • Changed the design of the full-screen disclosure button.

Version 1.44

  • Changed PIN code input method.

Version 1.43

  • Fixed bug when setting the first point.
  • In the downloaded archive, a folder with an example and a separate folder with a plugin.

Version 1.42

  • When you enter the PIN code, a blocking window appears with a warning about the restart of the tour.

Version 1.41

  • Fixed bug when creating the first point.
  • Fixed bug when positioning the window on the right.
  • Important! After saving, always reload the browser window!

Version 1.4

  • Now, when saving a project without a PIN code, the editor files are not loaded.
    Finished project loads faster, increased productivity.
  • When moving to a new scene, the point with the radar on the map moves smoothly.
  • The ability in the mobile version to set the window size for the plans in proportion to the height and width of the viewport (file param_EFR.xml - width_mobile and height_mobile).

Version 1.3

  • A panel has been added for creating and editing points that open specified views.

Version 1.2

  • Added button to change the active point.
  • Partially modified interface.
  • Created an individual drop-down list.
  • Changed the name of the folder with the plugin.
  • Changed the location of the folder with icons points.
  • Fixed some bugs and optimized code.

Version 1.1

  • Added a button to select the opening scene when switching between plans.
  • Added the button "collapse plan by clicking in the empty space of the screen" (yes/no).
  • Added the button "expand the plan when hovering the mouse over the button to open the plan" (yes/no).
  • Added the ability to select the icons of the image points before and after viewing the scene individually for each point.
  • Added the ability to zoom the icon for each point.
  • Fixed some bugs in the executing code.

Version 1.0