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Examples and ideas implemented in krpano.




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Measurement of distances within a rectangular plane (hotspot). Initially, you need to know the dimensions of the measured plane (length and height of the wall, etc.) The plane can be adjusted to the plane of the walls, floor, etc. This is enough to measure the distance from the sink to the stove, to understand whether the cabinet will fit into the corner or not, what size of the curtain is needed. Measurement accuracy depends on the distance to objects, the closer they are, the more accurate the measurement.

Adaptive grid.

Realization of the idea of ​​distribution when resizing elements or when resizing a window. You can change the elements, assign them images and assign actions. The result is a thumbnail pane.

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Animation of hotspots and layers.

Create an oscillatory motion of the layer or or hotspot.

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This is the code to run the vibrational animation.

<action name="wobble" scope="local" args="attribute, min, max, time">
	set(local.vverh, false);
	calc(cal,'caller.' + attribute);
	setinterval(calc('merc_' +, get(time), 
			if(vverh,tween(get(cal),get(max),get(time)); set(vverh,false);
				tween(get(cal),get(min),get(time)); set(vverh,true);

For example, when loading a layer, write onloaded="wobble(scale,0.5,1,1);"the scale will change from 0.5 to 1 in 1 second.

Pin code to the door.

Open the door.

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You can go through the door only if you enter the pin code. It’s impossible to pick up a PIN code, because it is formed randomly after the option to get it is found.

Cutting pictures from hotspots.

Find 4 emoticons.

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Using the "for" action, you can create a plane from hotspots in the form of a sliced picture, set them some action on hovering, clicking, etc. I used this code in a virtual quest tour where there is a number under each square (from 0 to 15). The numbers are arranged with a random number generator. The open number was the percentage of discounts for services in the beauty salon.

Random Number Generator Example.


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This example is created from hotspots. For implementation, I used the operand random which gives random numbers, so you can guess which cup the ball will be in if you guess which number this operand will produce.


This is a simple puzzle game; at the start, a stopwatch starts. You need to drag pieces of the panorama into place, if the place is correct, the picture is “stick”. Better open it in full screen. It's not easy, but possible!.
This example shows the ability to position hotspots to specific locations in a panorama.

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Rotation of objects.

Implementation of code for rotating objects.

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Wedding panorama.

Using photo galleries.

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