Plugins "Compass" for krpano

  • The compass scale is scaled by changing the viewing angle.
  • The button-icon of the compass gently hides-shows the scale.
  • There is a possibility to change the appearance. A file of background, text, and open layer layers.
  • Easily configurable in the browser window with the mouse.

Appearance, setting.

Example in 3D tour

How to connect.

To connect the editor, place the "edit floorplan" folder in the "plugins" folder and set in the main xml file:

    <krpano .... >
    <include url="plugins/compassSM/compassSM.xml" />

To be able to edit, insert into the action name = "startup" a line set(edit_compas,true);

    <action name="startup" autorun="onstart">

How to edit.

1. Open the tour in the browser window, the top of the compass scale and the "hide-show" compass.

2. Turn on the editing mode by pressing "R" .
A target (a cross of red lines) appears on the screen and the console opens.

3. Turn the scene by aligning the target with a window, door, angle or other clearly positioned position on the stage.

4. Click on the scale of the compass and move it to the left and right until it matches the risk of the corresponding direction of the light.
Release the scale - the correction parameter for the compass compass correction = xxx will appear in the console

Copy the value of "xxx" to the clipboard.

5. Open the file tour.xml and find the corresponding scene. We paste into the scene attribute the onstart action with the value from the clipboard, should be so: onstart="korrect_comp(ххх);

6. Open another scene and repeat operations.
After editing all the scenes save the file tour.xml and reload the browser - the changes are accepted.

7. When editing is complete, remove the line from action name = "startup" set(edit_compas,true);

For those who want to change the design.

In the file "compassSM.xml" There are:
1. Styles of used texts that you can change.
2. Styles of long and short compass scratches - change the color, size, shadows to your discretion.
3. A layer with a compass scale background is also available for editing.
4. Show-hide compass button.
5. Text layers of directions of light "S" "W" "N" "O" и "SW" "SW" "NE" "SE".

Download plugin "Сompass".

You can download plugin "Compass" for free.
Test the plugin by this link . If you liked the plugin, you can at your discretion make a donation amount thereby stimulating further developments, click on the button below. Thanks in advance!


Archive includes an example with a plugin "Compass" connected.

The "Compass" plugin is located along the path: plugins/compassSM.