Changes "Add hotspot"


Version 1.95

  • The layers of the video and audio player panels are placed in the style_addhs.xml file and are available for editing.
  • The video player panel disappeared when reopened in krpano v1.21 - fixed.
  • When opening a photo there was a black stripe at the top - fixed.
  • When changing the plugin location folder, the showtext.xml plugin did not work - fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.94

  • The plugin connection has changed.
  • Project save changed.
  • When opening a photo more than the screen, the closing cross disappeared - corrected.
  • To open a link, use openFrameAdhs instead of openFrame.


Version 1.93

Basically, this is an adaptation of the plugin to work with the krpano 1.21 version and some changes and fixes.
  • Style_addhs.xml moved to add_hotspot/plugins_l/plugin_a folder and changed path to plugin_a/icon icons.
  • Changed editing of radius, border, indent of text hotspot, added editing of 4 sides of borders separately - for krpano 1.21. In krpano 1.21 for text hotspot style add_hotspot/plugins_l/plugin_a/style_addhs.xml style name="text_hs_sm" set bgborder="1,1,1,1 0xffffff 1.0" !
  • Connecting showtext with a delay otherwise didn't work before version 1.21. Currently, when using the showtext plugin, a warning will be displayed: WARNING: textfield 'border' is deprecated, use 'bgborder' instead. Due to showtext plugin not yet updated for krpano 1.21.
  • Fixed issues with grouping hotspots.
  • Fixed problems with saving in flat panoramas.
  • Fixed issues with displaying popup text when hovering over a hotspot.


Version 1.92

Basically, this is a correction of shortcomings and errors.
  • When encrypting the tour.xml file, the tour did not work - fixed.
  • showtext.xml connection moved to style_addhs.xml file
  • Added enabled="false" in the style of the button to close the video, youtube, photo. Otherwise, invisible buttons reacted to the mouse.
  • Added "+" "-" buttons in the photo display for scaling. Button styles are written in style_addhs.xml
  • The actiontHS.xml file connection has been changed, otherwise the add-ons did not work. functions.
  • Fixed text size rounding in css.


Version 1.91

  • Now hot spots are saved directly in the main xml file. By default it is tour.xml
  • The plugin is linked to the mail specified in the license when purchasing krpano. You can not use the plugin in krpano with a different license.
  • It is possible to create a backup copy of the file when saving tour.xml with the date and time in the name of this file (tour.xml - backup-2021.11.26-0.12.44.xml).
  • Hot spots are registered inside the scenes and they are local with the meaning keep=false.
  • The recording of the hotspots tag has been significantly reduced due to the absence of attributes prescribed in the style in the record.
  • You can change, add your own attributes in the code and the changes will be saved.
  • You can put comments and other code between hot spots.
  • The ability to edit and save hotspots created by a non-plugin. For example, transition arrows between scenes. But saving only from the current scene. When switching to another scene, the changes will be reset.
  • At startup, the plugin panel is partially expanded.
  • Added a button that temporarily disables hotspot actions (onover, onout, onclick, ondown, onup,onhover). The actions prescribed for these events are not performed, which allows you to work safely with the hotspot (for example, when clicked, it won't send you to another scene).
  • Minor changes and additions.


Version 1.82

  • The version is compatible with krpano 1.20.10.
  • Removed the audio connection from style_addhs.xml , because an error occurs when a duplicate connection is made elsewhere.
  • The sound is turned off when switching to another scene.
  • When the editor is enabled, the tour does not restart twice.
  • The plugin works in Everpano


Version 1.81

  • To play the sound, use the sound plugin from krpano.
  • Fixed a bug in the sound control panel, added the "close" button.
  • In 3d sound mode, stereo sound is played.
  • In the audio tab, you can create an audio playback code, copy and paste it into any action.
  • In the 3D model, hotspots with 3d coordinates are created, and the attribute depth=0.
  • Dragging the hotspot in the 3D model with the mouse takes place according to the coordinates tx ty tz, if depth=0.


Version 1.8


Version 1.79

  • Added a tab for creating groups and generating group display control code.
  • Attributes of polygonal hotspot actions have been moved to the attribute panel.
  • Removed the tab for creating a list of URL links to specific places in the tour.
  • In the "Copy" settings section, it is possible now copy the group name.
  • Added an attribute alphachannel.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.78

Mainly for the convenience of working in 3D with Cartesian coordinates.

  • Added a 3D coordinates button and enabling 3D viewing.
  • Added buttons in the attribute editing window - "origin" "html".
  • The "origin" and "renderer" values are displayed on the buttons. Clicking the buttons toggles the value of these attributes.
  • Point-the indicator is located at the hotspot anchor point even if the parameters are changed tx, ty, tz. The joystick snaps to this point.
  • Added attributes for copying "tx", "ty", "tz", "depth", "renderer", "torigin".
  • Added a button to block changes to hotspot parameters.
  • Added a button on the main panel-showing the hotspot code.
  • Added a button on the main panel-attribute editor window.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.77

  • Fixed bugs in scene list creation (did not open in Panotur).
  • Fixed opening photo (there was a mismatch with the gallery plugin).
  • To open the list of actions in Panotur, you need to write the path like this: save_hotspot.xml - action_list="'indexdata/add_hotspot/plugins_l/actionSM.html'" .
  • Video hotspot was not saved with disabled distortion (fixed).
  • There were inconsistencies with the creation of the patch in PTgui (fixed).
  • Actions for opening videos, photos, YouTube in polygonal hotspots were not saved (fixed).
  • A new krpano sound plugin is included in style_addhs.xml. The action list has code examples for using it.
  • In VR mode, videos and images open as hotspots.


Version 1.76

  • Reduced joystick transparency when pressed.
  • Added attributes tx, ty, tz, depthbuffer.
  • Disabled the action of the "W" key - used by the plugin "depthmap_navigation".
  • Clicking on a hotspot passes the values to the color palette. The color palette is rendered separately from the editor panel.
  • The action list box opens as an HTML frame (actionSM.html).
  • Changed pin input method.
  • Using the new features and bluetooth from the example krpano.


Version 1.75

  • Fixed bug with saving default settings for polygonal hotspot.
  • Fixed error copying and pasting polygonal hotspot parameters.


Version 1.74

  • Fixed audio playback errors.
  • Fixing minor bugs.


Version 1.73

  • Added "joystick" tool for positioning hotspot.
  • Added show / hide button for all hotspots.
  • Added hotspot "distortion on / off button".
  • Button for opening help information on actions and functions (krpano website window).
  • Button for opening help information on hotspot attributes (krpano site window).
  • The list of hotspots includes all hotspots, including those not created by the plugin. Hovering over a name in the list shows a hot spot in the scene.
  • Button to open the krpano website with information on actions and functions.
  • Button to open krpano website with hotspot settings information.
  • The restriction of the movement of the hot spot using the button is removed when ath = 180 or -180 degrees.
  • Action HideShowHotspot (); - "show / hide all hotspots" install it on any button or other action.
  • Action flyoutSM (); - "hotspot departure".
  • Fixed bugs in the color settings code.
  • Minor changes to the design of the toolbar.


Version 1.72

  • Ability to choose a plugin placement.
  • Fixed bug with displaying text when hovering on a hotspot video.
  • Fixed re-appearance of Explorer window when selecting icon.
  • The "alpha" attribute has been added to the copy / paste panel.
  • Ability to use the video launch code. You can configure the launch for any action of your choice.
  • Ability to use image opening code. You can use the code for any action of your choice.
  • Correction of minor bugs.
  • Changes to save_hotspot.xml, do not use with older versions!


Version 1.71

  • The ability to register your main file name xml.
  • The ability to open YouTube without a plugin - youtubeplayer_open_SM(o_q1xWtOQ4Q, 90);
  • Correction of minor bugs and errors.


Version 1.7

  • Changed plugin connection.
  • Upon completion of work and saving the project without a PIN code, editor files are not connected. When the tour starts, only those files are connected that are necessary for the created hotspots to work. This significantly increased productivity and reduced the start time of the tour.
  • The opened photos are zoomed in more smoothly. Drag and drop restrictions made. The photo caption appears at the top of the preview window.
    If the image is larger than the window, then the closing cross moves to the upper right corner of the window.
    If the image is larger than the viewing window, then its thumbnail appears in the lower right corner, on which the visible part of the image is indicated by a rectangle.
    The rectangle in the window with the thumbnail is interactive, moving it accordingly the image itself is shifted.
  • Changes to the save file, do not use this version in previous projects!
  • Example for downloading the plugin on the version of Krpano 1.2


Version 1.67

  • Bug fixed - edge="center" was not saved .


Version 1.65

  • Added the ability to edit local hotspots.
  • Changed save method. Empty or default attributes are not saved.
  • The "ondown" attribute button has been added to the editor.
  • Display the name of the active access point in place of the name of the plugin.
  • Partially modified interface.
  • The buttons visible2, enabled2, zorder have been added to the polygonal hot spots tab.
  • Changes in the panel "Settings for color and transparency."
  • Fill color in 0xFFFFFF format (in style and hotspots).
  • Added button to text hotspot - interactivecontent.
  • Drop-down list of scenes without using the plugin "combobox.xml".
  • When creating hotspots by default, no text appears when you hover over.
  • Added "url" button in attribute settings.
  • Added "default selection" button in copy settings.
  • Bug fixes.

Some changes in the save file, do not use this version in previous projects!


Version 1.64

  • Created a drop-down list for searching hotspots without using the combobox.xml plugin


Version 1.63

  • Added zoom image relative to the location of the cursor. Dragging an image with the mouse.


Version 1.62

  • Added a window to display the attributes of hotspot.
  • Delivered the photo close button in style_addhs.xml (editable).
  • Fixed a problem with the control panel in the video player window when opening in IE browser.


Version 1.61

  • Added saving without editor files.
  • Fixed a problem with video hotspot - the sound did not disappear when changing scenes with an inactive editor panel.
  • When you turn off and turn on the sound of video and audio (speaker in the control panel), the volume is now preserved.
  • Now when creating a hotspot, it is immediately assigned the value of the active (selected) tab.
  • Minor bugs fixed.


Version 1.6

  • Added tab to assign opening scene.
  • Plugin compatibility with flat and single panoramas made.
  • The interface of plugin panel has been changed (the attribute settings tab does not scroll with other tabs).
  • Correction of defects.


Version 1.5

  • Added tab to create polygon hot spot.
  • Added option to close video, audio, YouTube by clicking on empty space.
  • Added setting the size of the opening window of the video and YouTube.
  • Added to advanced button options "flying","enabled2","visible2", "zoom".

Version 1.5 is not compatible with older versions!
You can copy hot spots from the old version to the new save_hotspot.xml file and add attributes to hotspots enabled2="true" visible2="true" zoom="true" flying="0"
In the name of the hotspot style, replace capital letters with small letters.


Version 1.4

  • Added tab for creating text hotspots.
  • Created panel for color editing.


Version 1.3

  • Added tab for creating video hotspots.
  • Added indicator (red dot) in edit mode, which is located on the anchor point of the active hotspot.
  • In the opening video player added the ability to rearrange the slider and play from anywhere, added the display current and full play time.
  • Slightly changed interface.
  • Fixed some bugs and errors.


Version 1.2

  • The tab for inserting images extracted from PTGui or Hugin is added. How to extract a part of the image is described in detail on krpano forum.
  • The tabs are scrolled.
  • Audio hotspots operate in VR mode.


Version 1.1

Added tab for creating audio hotspots.


Version 1.0