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Pre-align panoramas v1.0.

HTML5. krpano-1.20
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • Easy and quick to edit and save.
  • AutoGArrows plugin correctly accepts the amendments.


This example show a motion effect. Moving the direction of view is saved. If you turn in the opposite direction, the direction of view will also be maintained in the direction in which you move.
In order to achieve this effect, you need:
1. To assemble spherical panoramas, so that the center of the panorama was directed all in one direction (e.g. North).
2. Set the "KEEPVIEW" flag.
If you did not orient panoramas in one direction during assembly, this plugin will help you to make corrections that will allow you to work correctly when the "KEEPVIEW" flag is set. It is needed to preserve the view when changing panoramas. This option makes it easier for the user to navigate in space and creates a comfortable navigation through the virtual tour.
Also, for the plugin "AutoGArrows", which automatically creates navigation based on GPS-coordinates, it is necessary to align the panorama to the virtual North.
In cooperation with the author of this plugin, Sergey Cherny, the code of amendments was thought out, which is perceived by the plugin "AutoGArrows".


The plugin works from version krpano-1.20 and above!
To connect the menu, place the "align_p" folder and the Prealign file.xml to the root folder with the tour.
Write mostly xml at the beginning:
<krpano .... >
	<include url="Prealign.xml" /> 
	<include url="align_p/editor_p.xml" /> 

Prealign.xml - is the file where the alignment corrections will be saved.
align_p/editor_p.xml - file plug-in.
What would the connection was spelled out at the beginning of the code and in the sequence as shown above.
Place the transition arrows after you align the panoramas, otherwise they will shift horizontally by the amount of correction.

Plug in the plugin and start the tour. A red line will appear in the center of the screen for easy positioning of the panorama.
A panel with buttons will appear at the top left:
1. Hide/show panel.
2. Show the code window of the amendment. For those who wish to manually register the code. To copy, use the "Ctrl + C" keys.
3. The indicator of rotation of the panorama from its center (in degrees).
4. Button to save the file with Prealign corrections.xml.

1. Expand the panorama by combining the North (for example) with the red bar in the center of the screen.
2. Press the space bar-for a short time the inscription "change accepted" will appear and the changes will be accepted. Reload the scene(click on its thumbnail in the thumbnail bar) - the North in the panorama will be aligned with the red line, and the angle rotation indicator in the panel will be zero.
3. Set all panoramas to the North (for example) and click the save XML button.
Depending on your browser settings, the file will be saved in "downloads" or an Explorer window will appear to specify where to save it. Place it in the root folder with the tour, replacing the one that is there.
4. In the main .xml file delete the line
<include url="align_p/editor_p.xml" /> 
	 5. Delete the folder with the plugin "align_p".
6. Set the "KEEPVIEW" flag in the main .xml file


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